The Appreciation & Authentication of Civil War Timepieces


My latest horological book was published by the NAWCC in June, 2019. This book is intended to stand as the definitive work on the subject of how and why to collect Civil War watches. About half horology and half Civil War history, the book will equip readers with the tools to make informed judgments concerning the authenticity of Civil War timepieces and the provenances sometimes associated with them. The book also endeavors to impart a basic understanding of the importance in American history of the events to which these artifacts relate, and to make the stories of the men whose names appear on some of these watches live for a new group of admirers.

The book is 238 pages at 8″ x 10″, with 162 figures, 12 tables, 155 references, and a 67-book bibliography.

Print copies in both hard and soft cover are available from the NAWCC Gift Shop and, from popular online stores, and from local bookstores (request it by title). The e-book edition is available on popular online sites such as

The list price of the book is $34.99 for the soft cover edition, $44.99 for the hard cover edition, and $29.99 for the e-book. NAWCC members purchasing from the Gift Shop are entitled to a member discount. Members can order print copies by calling 1-717-684-8261, extension 211, or by following the link below (Note: NAWCC members must sign in to access the discounted pricing):

On June 18, History Prof. Alexis McCrossen of SMU posted the following five-star review on

Clint Geller’s carefully researched and beautifully illustrated book, THE APPRECIATION AND AUTHENTICATION OF CIVIL WAR TIME PIECES, is a wonderful addition to the library of watch collectors, Civil War enthusiasts, and others who are interested in the relationship between timekeeping and society. Geller painstakingly researched all facets of the production, trade and use of pocket watches during the Civil War. His findings are reliable. The book is full of previously unpublished illustrations, including tantalizing photographs of soldiers brandishing their watches. I am very happy to have this book in my library, shelved between Cheryl Wells’ CIVIL WAR TIME and Mark Smith’s MASTERED BY THE CLOCK.


My friend, Al Mackey, who writes an erudite and energetic blog on Civil War history, wrote this:

Insightful author and blogger, Chris Mackowski, who has written over a dozen books on the Civil War, wrote this: