About Me

Clint #2 resized and croppedI am a research physicist, who recently retired after 41 years at a US government laboratory near Pittsburgh, PA, where I live with my wife of 34 years. I now work for Materials Design Inc., a leading edge computational materials science software vendor and research consulting firm. I have received awards and recognition for my non-fiction writing, and while the three parts of Gennebar Rising are not my first book-length works, they are my first foray into fiction.  I have also published two books on antiquarian horology – the study of historical timekeeping and timekeepers. (see my “Pocket Horology” page here, for details of my horological research.) 

The story I have written reflects my lifelong love of science and my inexhaustible wonder at the natural world, my love of history, my Jewish ethnic roots, and my zeal for interrogating blind faith and revealed “truth” under the hot light of reason and evidence.

I give thanks to all of my readers for giving my work a try, and I wish to all of you a delightful and rewarding experience.