Gennebar Rising

draft-cover_book-pageThe Province of Gennebar is ruled by the brutal Drenarian Empire, which has impoverished and enslaved the Gennebri people. A forlorn armed rebellion must battle their fearsome conquerors while fighting for Gennebri hearts and minds against a thoroughly coopted religious hierarchy and a heretical sect preaching compliance and passivity.

Young Arol, a boy of humble origins but an extraordinary cosmic birthright, is employed as a junior assistant at the Sacred Temple of Gennebar, nexus of the Gennebri Faith. He comes to manhood amidst the strife of rebellion and Drenarian depradations, foretellings of natural and divine calamities, and the awakening of his extraordinary cosmic gift. Arol’s quest to understand the changes coming over him leads him to Bernarro, a protean genius and fellow gifted person with a scientific sensibility many centuries ahead of his time.

While learning with Bernarro how to command his special abilities to warp time and space, Arol embraces his calling as a fighter for his people’s freedom. Then complications multiply as he falls in love with a courtesan from the Drenarian Viceroy’s court. Arol’s fantastic exploits make him the hope of his beleaguered people, but he must wrest the leadership of the rebellion from its increasingly paranoid and dysfunctional founder, or all will be lost.

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The SciroFant Books Imprint

I invented the imprint SciroFant Books for my fantasy publishing endeavors. My fanciful neologism, SciroFant, combines obvious allusions to science and fantasy—both important elements of my story—with a rhyme on “heirophant,” a high priest of ancient Greece who interpreted arcane and esoteric mysteries.  So SciroFant seemed not only apropos, but intriguing and even lyrical.  How could I resist?