Pocket Horology

“Pocket Horology” is the name of a currently inactive national interest chapter of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors that I founded in the mid 1990’s.  That chapter was dedicated to promoting scholarly research into the history and collecting of antique mechanical pocket watches, which I myself have researched, collected, and written about for over thirty years.

(To see some of the horological research the chapter fostered, go to http://ph.nawcc.org/.  To see even more, join the NAWCC, so you can access past issues of the NAWCC BULLETIN.)

And so I have titled this page of my blog after my old chapter, in honor of my many friends, living and deceased, who called the Pocket Horology chapter their horological home, and who contributed to its accomplishments.

On this page, you can find some of my non-fiction writing on Early American and Civil War watches.  I would be pleased to also make my website available to friends who may have their own horological research to contribute.  I have previously published a book and a number of essays on these subjects, and I will be collecting some of them here.


Please enjoy these presentations:

Watch my blog for updates as I continue to add presentations.


Currently, I am writing what will be either a short series of articles, or perhaps a monograph on the watches that saw service during the American Civil War, with an emphasis on watches that are identified to specific Civil War combatants. More information will be posted here and on my blog as it develops.

Online Forums

In addition to the NAWCC Message Board American Pocket Watches Forum, I am an active participant and a patron of the American Civil War Talk (CWT) website.  Of particular interest to readers of this page will be the CWT forum on Uniforms and Relics, which features numerous posts by yours truly on subjects related to Civil War timekeepers and timekeeping.

The first thread I initiated on the CWT, which is in the Uniforms and Relics forum, provides a primer for the collecting of Civil War watches. (Readers may also wish to consult my two-part PDF presentation, linked above, in conjunction with the primer.)

Events and Exhibits

I will be guest-curating a special six-month exhibit on pocket watches of the Civil War at the NAWCC HQ Museum in Columbia, PA (just about 40 miles from the Gettysburg Battlefield), opening on Saturday, July 6, 2019.  I am planning to kick it off with a one-day seminar on that day, but I can still use help planning and organizing it.  If you are interested, please contact me here.  Thanks.

I had the honor of chairing and organizing the 2002 NAWCC National Seminar in Boxborough, Massachusetts. See my blog post, The 2002 NAWCC National Seminar, “Boston: Cradle of Industrial Watchmaking”, for more details. Also see the on-line catalog of the exhibit, which has since been further enlarged and enhanced.