William Jackson Palmer (NAWCC Bulletin Article)

My most recent horological article, “Watch Presented to Brigadier General William Jackson Palmer by the Officers of the 25th Pennsylvania Cavalry” appeared in the May, 2019 issue of the NAWCC Watch & Clock Bulletin.

This 6,600-word article tells the story of a young Quaker from Philadelphia who made a moral choice between pacifism and abolitionism and enlisted in the Union army as a captain to preserve the Union and fight slavery, rising to the rank of brigadier general at age 28, and earning a Medal of Honor.  The article goes on to explore the extraordinary character of the man and the broad footprint he left on the history of the American West.

NAWCC members can access the article by logging into NAWCC.org and following these links: PUBLICATIONS / Watch & Clock Bulletin / Past Issues.

Pocket Horology

Many friends and fellow watch collecting enthusiasts know of my 30+ year interest in early American timepieces, and especially pocket watches, whether domestic or foreign, which were carried by combatants in the American Civil War.  Over time I’ll be publishing some of my past horological work, as well as discussing or presenting my current collecting projects on the Pocket Horology page on this site.  Added there for your current enjoyment are two presentations – one on E. Howard & Company watches, and the other on Civil War watches and timekeeping.