September 21, 2017 Publishing Update:

I am delighted to announce that Gennebar Rising, Part I: Awakenings is now available in e-book, hard cover, and paperback editions on Amazon.

For buying links for each edition, head to my Gennebar Rising page.

The price currently listed for the hard cover edition is being changed, but the update won’t appear until October 1.  By changing my distribution option, I was able to reduce Amazon’s royalty from 55% down to 30%, which allows me to offer the hard cover edition for $19.99 plus shipping (unless you have Amazon Prime, in which case shipping is free), instead of $26.99.

The paperback edition is available from Amazon at its correct price for $11.99 plus shipping right now.

This website will have sales and shipping options for autographed hardcover books beginning next week.

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