December, 2018 Update: Gennebar Rising Book III is now Available!

Friends, I am very pleased to announce that the conclusion of my epic science fiction fantasy trilogy, Gennebar Rising, Part III: The Kozem King, is available on, or directly through my website. The official release date was November 22nd, 2018, and all formats, downloads, and soft and hard cover print, are all available.

This is the culmination of a nearly seven-year project for me. Some delays were experienced in locating and signing a new cover artist for Book III, who turned out to be none other than my cartographer Jason Ruggiero. Judge for yourself, but I think he did a great job of capturing one of the dramatic scenes I described in Book III. Thanks also to my book designer Nick Caruso, my promotions agent Saul Bottcher, my copy editor Adrienne Izaguirre, and my portrait photographer Laura Magone. If this indie book looks like a regular publishing house product, they are why.

Now that Book III is launched, I have renewed my promotional campaign. Purchased downloads and especially, reviews from confirmed purchasers on will help me to bring my work to the attention of the largest possible audience. If you have read my work and would like to discuss it, please contact me through this website.

To order an autographed copy of any (or all three) of the books directly from my site, please go here.   Here is the front cover and the cover synopsis for you.  Cheers, and happy reading!

Gennebar Rising, Part III: The Kozem King, Book Flap Synopsis:

 In the conclusion of the Gennebar Rising trilogy, the rebels face a powerfully reinforced occupying army and are driven deep into the desert wastelands of their country. A telepathic covert agent of the corrupt Gennebri Sacred Temple sows division from within, while complicit Gennebri heretics sap their people’s will to resist from without. The courageous rebel leader, Senasha, has been taken prisoner by the Temple’s sinister High Priestess, and confronts physical and mental ordeals in the priestess’s dungeon.

In these desperate circumstances, young Arol, still learning to command his special cosmic abilities, proves his mettle and rises through the fractured, strife-torn ranks of the rebellion.  He leads a daring mission to rescue Senasha, helped by his mentor, the elder wizard-like “kozem” Bernarro. Arol then leads an outnumbered, ragtag army in a climactic battle against his homeland’s brutal occupiers. His bag of wizard’s tricks, advanced scientific understanding, and an imprecise foreknowledge of an imminent geologic event are all he has to compensate for his adversary’s overwhelming superiority in numbers and organization… It will have to be enough.


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